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DataMax LLc Maximizing Your Network Solution.

About Us

Datamax is dedicated to serving all of your networking needs. With just one call, you will have one point of contact that will handle your request and give you a free estimate .

Datamax can provide you with a structured cabling design to fit whatever requirements you might have. All of our work is done by professional certified technicians. Datamax is your Multi State roll-out specialist and we use only quality products by proven suppliers. We offer unsurpassed expertise in the communications field.

Our Experience & Skill

Datamax has extensive network service that designs and deploys networking skills, knowledge, and experience. We work with all sizes of business, and all types of cabling and wireless project - from the very simple to highly complex. We partner with world class vendors who provide cabling infrastructure to fit many applications across a wide range of markets.

As well as design, supply and installation of cabling and wireless systems, Datamax provides consultancy, project management, planning, testing, maintenance and support. And that's in addition to the complete range of IT services and business software we also provide. So if we've also installed your other IT infrastructure, systems and business software, there's no better company to look after your network than Datamax.